Sierra Nevada Celebration Fresh Hop IPA Review

One of the reasons I love December is this beer, and that is no joke. Usually by December they have this beautiful beverage all ready to rock, and all the kinks are worked out. This is one of my favorite beers; it's hoppy, smooth and consistent as hell.

Here's the official description:

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale represents a time honored tradition of brewing a special beer for the holiday season. There are generous portions of barley malts and fine whole hops of several varieties, creating a brew with a full, rich and hearty character.

It's really good. It's amazingly good. Let's get into it.

The Color

The color is a beautiful amber, bright and reddish in color. The head is thick and creamy, white to almost off-white in color.

The Nose

I want a scented candle that smells like this beer. I want to sleep in a bucket of this beer. The scent is deliciously hoppy, strong and potent, with a slightly sweet maltyness. There is some piney, almost grapefruit smell to the hops and it is awesome.

The Flavor

Ah, my favorite part. The flavor is on point. There is a definite maltiness up front, and although it is slightly sweet, it isn't by any means cloying or overboard. The hops kick in beautifully right behind the malt, and it takes you on a one-stop train ride to friggin flavor country. There is a pine flavor on the hops, and there are lovely caramel undertones riding through, with a nice bitterness as well.

ABV: 6.8%

Bitterness Units: 65

Hop Varietals: Chinook, Centennial, Cascade

Malt Varietals: Two-row Pale, Caramel


This beer is worth waiting for the entire year, and when it comes around, all you can do is hunker down and drink it on a cold night, sitting by the fire, hanging with the homies.

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