Modern Times, Orderville IPA Review

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The final beer in our current run of Modern Times beer reviews is a hearty, hoppy IPA called “Orderville”. Orderville arrived in a bomber (a 22oz bottle, for the uninformed), and is an aggressive, fruit-forward, medium-bodied beer that brings Mosaic and Simcoe hops together in a delicious medley of hoppy goodness and fruit, with some pine and malt backing up the overriding flavors.

The Color

The color is hazy yellow and definitely on the murky side, giving the beer an unfiltered, heavy appearance. The head is more creamy than crisp, giving it an almost soapy appearance, with medium-low lacing across the glass.

The Nose

On the nose, I got citrus, with more lemon and grapefruit than orange, and my fellow reviewer noticed some pineapple and tropical fruit in there as well. You can definitely smell the heavy application of Simcoe and Mosaic hops mingling with the citrus in a pleasant way, and there is simply no way you can miss the hop aroma.

The Flavor

The initial gulp hits your palate with the aforementioned citrus, and the mid to finishing flavors brings forth some bitter piney-ness, but to my palette, the fruit with the pine was a bit cloying. The fruit flavors are nearly over-ripe and slightly sweet, which leads to some of the heaviness I noticed. There’s a definite boozy hit towards the end, with the slightly spicy hop notes and the citrus working all the way through the swallow. There is some sweet-ish malt flavor in the background, but it very much stays there, offering some support-work to the flavor profile without jumping to the forefront. The medium body gives the beer a great mouth-feel, if a bit on the heavy side for my taste.

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Hop Varietals: Mosaic, Simcoe, Bunch of “dank hops”

Malt Varietals: Two Row, Optic

ABV: 7.2

IBU: 75

Final Gravity: 1.010


This “Orderville” Modern Times IPA is a powerfully hoppy offering, with some definite complexity going on. A little lighter use of the citrus fruits would have been more to my liking, especially with the unfiltered, slightly heavy mouthfeel coming together to lie across the tongue. That said, this is still a very good beer that rewards multiple sips as you sift through the bevy of hop and fruit flavors on display here.

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