ARPG x Roguelike Shadow of the Depth Out Now
23.April 2024
ChillyRoom’s Shadow of the Depth Out Now In Steam Early Access   Hotly-anticipated APRG x Roguelike launches after successful Steam Next Fest demo Shenzhen, China. 23rd April,... More
Calling All Pilots! Closed Beta for Mech Action Game Mecha Break Begins April 26
23.April 2024
Mech Action Game 'Mecha BREAK' Announces New Closed Beta Test Opens April 26 Register For The Closed Beta and Engage in Large-Scale 60-Player Mech Battles Zhuhai,... More
Wales Interactive Celebrates Sker Ritual Success
23.April 2024
Wales Interactive Celebrates Sker Ritual As Biggest Ever Launch Round-based FPS title breaks records across sales and social media Penarth, Wales, Monday 22 April - Wales Interactive celebrated... More
Zombies, Aliens and Guns - Top Down Shooter with Attitude
23.April 2024
Run, Gun & Outrun the Undead and Extra-terrestrials! ????   April 22nd, 2024: Today indie publisher Ratalaika Games, and 9Ratones' Sergio Poverony,... More
22.April 2024
POWERWASH SIMULATOR FAN BASE GROWS TO MASSIVE 12 MILLION PLAYERS FuturLab's hit PowerWash Simulator reaches over 12 million players as the studio launches new website Brighton, UK - 22... More
- Hatsune Miku - The Planet Of Wonder And Fragments Of Wishes -IS NOW ON STEAM
22.April 2024
- Hatsune Miku - The Planet Of Wonder And Fragments Of Wishes - IS NOW ON STEAM!    Apr. 22, 2024 - KOMODO, an international games publisher based in Tokyo and Honolulu,... More
Narrative-driven horror puzzle adventure 49 Keys will be released on Steam
22.April 2024
NARRATIVE-DRIVEN HORROR PUZZLE ADVENTURE 49 KEYS WILL BE RELEASED ON STEAM Uncover the secret behind a heirloom in this Lovecraftian adventure Publisher 2P Games announces that two years after... More
One Week Left to Back Elder Mythos
19.April 2024
One Week Left to Back Elder Mythos, a New TTRPG Where You Embody the Elder Gods Themselves Venture beyond the veil of reality and unleash unspeakable horrors. The world is yours to control: will you... More
Safe In Our World and BAFTA To Host Games Mental Health Summit 2024
19.April 2024
Safe In Our World and BAFTA To Host Games Mental Health Summit 2024 Friday 19th April 2024, London UK 10:00 BST: Following the success of the inaugural Games Mental Health Summit in 2023,... More
Redefining A Genre, Action RTS For All to Unveil at Summer Game Fest 2024
19.April 2024
Redefining A Genre, Action RTS For All to Unveil at Summer Game Fest 2024 Uncapped Games' documentary on X and YouTube outlines studio's ambition to modernize RTS and broaden its appeal;... More
19.April 2024
???? Ikki Unite now Available on Nintendo Switch: A Truly Multiplayer Horde Survivor! ???? A Family Affair: From NES to SWITCH! April 18th 2024, Montpellier, France Ikki Unite is finally... More
MARS 2120 Mission to Mars campaign aims to encourage scientific curiosity
19.April 2024
MARS 2120' "Mission to Mars" campaign aims to encourage scientific curiosity about space... More
Free Stars: Children of Infinity — Sequel to The Ur-Quan Masters
19.April 2024
Free Stars: Children of Infinity — From the Creators of The Classic The Ur-Quan Masters and Free Stars Sci-Fi Universe — Hits Kickstarter Goal in Under 3 Hours The Alliance of... More
Tips for earning gold in World of Warcraft Dragonflight
23.April 2024
WoW is an active and dynamically developing project with a 20-year history, which has gone through a stage of development from hardcore to a lighter format with an emphasis on action and fast... More
The Merging Worlds Between Gaming Sites and Online Casino Platforms
08.April 2024
When you think about online casinos, you might not think about online gaming. Your mind probably goes to DOTA 2, NBA 2K or even FIFA. However, did you know, that the premise of online gambling lies... More
Modern Warfare 2: A Remake or Revolution? Comparing the Classic and Contemporary Versions
15.March 2024
If for some reason anyone thought that this was a simple remake, then this is not so. Essentially, this is a new story with the same characters, having common roots, but showing certain events from a... More
Top Casino Games Inspired by Video Games
07.March 2024
In the realm of online entertainment, the allure of casinos shines brightly, offering a blend of excitement and opportunity at every turn. Amidst this digital landscape, discerning players seek the... More
The Thaumaturge
04.March 2024
On March 4, 2024, the isometric plot-driven RPG from developer Fool's Theory and publisher 11 bit studios was released, which takes you to the year 1905 in Warsaw, which is groaning under the... More
Age of Water INTERVIEW
19.February 2024
I got the opportunity to ask the Devs Three Whales Studio a few Questions about their upcoming MMO Game Age of Water.   You are working on the game „Age of Water". Could you... More
Navigating the Thrill: Germanys Top Real Money Online Casinos
30.January 2024
In the dynamic world of online gambling, Germany stands out as a hub for enthusiasts seeking the excitement of real money casinos. With the digital age advancing rapidly, the ease of accessing online... More
Best Upcoming PC Games in 2024
30.January 2024
Best Upcoming PC Games in 2024 Looking ahead to the top PC games coming out in 2024? This year will see boundary-pushing RPGs, gripping horror, deep strategy, and innovative indie... More
Elevating Documentaries: CapCuts Text-to-Speech in Short Film Production
26.January 2024
In the dynamic landscape of short film production, content creators are continually exploring innovative tools to enhance storytelling. One such tool that has been gaining prominence is CapCut's... More
Winning Strategies: DayZ Tactics That Make a Difference
30. December 2023
In the world of DayZ, survival is not just about enduring; it's about thriving through clever tactics and well-thought-out strategies. This article explores effective tactics that can... More
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