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Detlef (06. March 2020 15:05 )
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Team17 and Moi Rai Games have today released the free Magma Chamber update for role-playing game Monster Sanctuary. Currently in Steam Early Access and featuring 3v3 turn-based combat, a ‘Metroidvania’ world, and a whole host of monsters to collect, Monster Sanctuary challenges players to uncover the mystery around the relationship between humans and Monsters.

The Magma Chamber update continues to expand the already large roster of monsters available to capture in Monster Sanctuary, as players explore new fiery lands and unlock new equipment. Veteran players can also enjoy an increased level cap, a new PvP season (with a refreshed leaderboard), and a goblin merchant.

Magma Chamber update:

  • New experiences: A brand-new story arc, two additional ‘Keeper Duels’, and a ‘Champion battle’ against a demonic warrior; spend gold in two new narratives.
  • New monsters: Eight new Monsters, all themed around fire, including several new dragon-type Monsters from the Draco family. Later content updates will expand this family.
  • Stat boosts: All of the 61 previous monsters now have Tier 5 skills available, granting access to several new skills.
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