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Black Desert PS4 - Striker & Tamer Awakening Update
Pearl Abyss today released a free update to Black Desert on PlayStation 4, bringing Awakening Events for Striker and Tamer classes that boost their combat power. In addition, fairy companions have been added to support adventurers, and world bosses Quint and Muraka are now available.

See below for more details on the new skills for Striker and Tamer, plus information on the new fairies and world bosses. Read the official community post for more patch notes and other details.


Striker Awakened Skills

  • Echo Spirit - Summon the Striker’s spiritual alter-ego to bring down the apocalypse onto enemies.
  • Infernal Destruction - Bring down enemies with a leg-sweep followed by a powerful punch.
  • Skull Crusher - Spin in the air and and use the momentum to knock enemies down with a downward kick.
  • Rampaging Predator - Relentlessly chase down enemies and unleash a flurry of attacks.

Tamer Awakened Skills

  • Allround Spinner - Spins the Celestial Bo Staff around, striking enemies from all directions.
  • Legendary Beast Dance - Channel the spirits of the four legendary beasts through your Celestial Bow Staff to perform different attacks on your enemies.
  • Flow: Cloud Ride - Using the Celestial Bo Staff, Tamer launches herself forwards dealing damage and knocking enemies down.

Fairy Companions

  • Fairies offer great utility in Black Desert offering skills which help you on your travels. These celestial beings can provide auto-potions and Desert drinks, instant resurrections and more!

New World Bosses

  • Quint - As the first ancient troll, Quint is a statue-like being that will be difficult to topple. Since he does not take damage while standing, it is imperative to take out his legs first, where adventurers can unleash attacks on his relatively weak body.
  • Muraka - Emerging from the thick woods of Mansha forest, Muraka brings death and destruction to anyone foolish enough to stand in his way. While relatively slow, he unleashes incredibly powerful attacks that only increase in power when enraged.


Black Desert on PlayStation 4 is featured within the PlayStation Double Discount event, with 25% off all three game bundles and PS+ members receiving 50% off until November 22. Sales of Black Desert on PlayStation 4 have increased tenfold since the start of the Event!

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