How to strengthen your playing squad and increase the likelihood of winning a match in FIFA 23 and FC 24

In the coming weeks, the long-awaited release of the continuation of the cult FIFA football simulator will take place under a new name - FC 24.

Players can expect changes in the development of football players, new elements of physics and control of their players to improve the effect of realism and the influence of feints and maneuvers on the overall result of matches and the entertainment of the fights themselves.

Of course, you can simplify your start, buy FC 24 coins, as many players did in FIFA 23 before and most likely will do in the new version, just for a successful start and easy calibration into their divisions and the Weekend League.


Team gathering

When you first get into the online mode, you will quickly realize that when you chose your starting club, you essentially chose its uniform colors and logo, and not the actual representatives of this team as in career mode.

You will receive starter kits that will give you the first players to start the game.

You can buy FC 24 coins FC 24 to get more chances to get really valuable players, but this is at your discretion.

In the first few days, you can sell off a lot of cards, because the gaming market in the new FC 24 will only be taking shape and their price will be unreasonably high due to the shortage. Within a couple of weeks, the price will already level off and even if you sold your favorite player, you can easily buy him back for a much smaller amount of FC 24 coins than you originally sold.

If we take the general idea, and not a temporary benefit, then you need not only players for the main squad, but also additional ones who can replace them in any position and provide insurance in case of injuries during matches.

There are several ways to get new players:

Buy FC 24 coins and use them to buy sets or individual players.
  • Play tournaments and leagues.

  • Complete tasks and challenges

To get into tournaments you need to qualify and, accordingly, play well in divisions and qualifying matches.


How to play matches

To get into the Weekend League, you need to score 1250 points by the end of the week - this is not difficult to do, and even with a large number of losses, the result can be achieved through the number of matches.

Of course, it is better to immediately strive for quality and to increase the number of victories it is not even necessary to buy FC 24 coins online, although this will significantly affect the simplification of the fights.

1. Play to the end

For some, this advice may seem trivial, but many players lose matches simply because they stop fighting after the first couple of goals missed, although you can win back almost any score, even the most crazy one at first glance.

If you play calmly, you will definitely have a chance of successful attacks even against a much stronger opponent.

2. Save Stamina

A good match is not only about the result, but also the pace at which it is achieved. If you lose too many players in terms of endurance, then you simply won’t be able to replace them and will lose to your opponent in terms of pace.

Use acceleration to change the situation, rather than constantly pumping it up - stamina is consumed too quickly, even for the most athletic players, and there are not many situations where such a load is really needed.

3. Make player substitutions in a timely manner

In fact, releasing replacement players is an individual process that depends on the score and the situation, but there are optimal guidelines for this process.

Change players after 60 minutes to maintain the pace of attack to equalize the score, or to hold on.

Change key players, midfielders and defenders get more tired, especially when playing in defense.

Change forwards if the current ones cannot overcome the opponent's defense due to the lag in speed and reserve of strength relative to the defenders.

4. Train fast and long passes

A quick pass is an instant exchange of the ball between two or more players to confuse opponents and carry out attacks through defenses and constant changes of positions.

This strategy was used by the golden squad of Barcelona under the leadership of Pep Guardiola, and this style was nicknamed Tiki-Taka.

With the help of a quick pass, you can get out from under enemy pressure by simply moving the ball to another part of the field and even making a sudden pass along the flanks.

A long pass is a strong push of the ball not at the players’ feet, but along the course of its movement, that is, the teammate must move in the right direction for the ball to land on him.

This method is more related to spontaneous actions, but can help in beating the opponent and reaching the goalkeeper.

5. Break through the flanks

If you regularly attack only in the center, then no tactics will help you, since there will be 11 players in defense against you. You need to swing and stretch them, forcing them to leave their positions and making the task easier for your forwards.

For all these tactics and strategies, you need strong performers who can be looked for in sets, but if you are looking for where to buy FC 24 coins, then the Skycoach service will help you. which will provide the required amount of currency in compliance with security and anonymity measures.

How to execute set pieces


The most common option for the ball to go out of bounds is to throw it in by the team from whose opponent the ball left the field.

When there is an out, there is no offside flag and there will be no referee intervention, so your task is to throw it to your fast player, who will try to break through to the goal, taking advantage of the moment.


Don't try to play the ball - just cross and use tall players to get the ball into the goal, this will start to work more often with time and experience.

Free kick

Aim for the top corners of the goal while keeping the force at 75% full. If it is more, the ball will most likely simply fly over the goal, and if it is less, it will land directly in the hands of the goalkeeper.

For most gaming situations, you need certain players in terms of parameters, height, strengths, and over time you will collect such players in your team, but at the initial stage, the service buys us FC 24 coins can help you to form your first gaming lineup and work on strengthening it with a large number of victories to his name.

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