Casino without limit 2022

More and more often, you can see certain alternatives to conventional online casinos appearing in the world of the Internet, including, for example, gaming portals that call themselves casinos without betting limits or casinos without deposit limits. These providers advertise that in their casino, the restrictions that normally take effect do not apply and accordingly, you can play without limits. Simply put, this means that players can deposit as much money as they want and also wager as much money per spin as they like. As the name suggests, playing without limits.

To fully understand what Bestes Neue Online Casinos are without limits, let's take a look at the restrictions that we players regularly encounter these days - on the one hand, there are not too few, but on the other hand, the rules have changed recently. some changes over time. On the legislative level, some innovations went into effect in October and November of 2020. In July 2021, a new gambling law went into effect, shaking things up again.


Why do players choose online casinos with no time limit?


The reason why players want to bypass the deposit limit or betting limits is clear: high rollers won't be happy with these restrictions. But why are players bothered by the 5-second rule? The time limit is meant to force players to take a short break between each spin. In these seconds, they should have the opportunity to think about whether they really want to continue playing, so a measure to protect players. But here already lies the first problem: Many of us don't want to ponder about it after each spin, but we simply want to switch off. Often, players already take care of their own protection in other ways and, for example, set themselves a money limit that they want to spend during a session. Thus, they guarantee a responsible approach to gambling and it unnecessary and disturbing that if the online casino still uses such a barrier in the form of a 5-second rule. This disrupts the flow of the game and are also seen by many players as an unnecessary waste of time.For these reasons, players in increasingly turning to gambling portals without limit, as they often not only advertise the waiver of deposit and stake limits, but also suspend the time limit.


 Best online casino with no limit: how do I decide?


So now we have established that there are still online casinos with no 1 euro limit and no deposit limit, even though different rules actually apply by now due to the new gambling law. However, how can you find out which is the best gaming portal without limit? We have compiled a checklist for you, in which you will find all the points you should consider when choosing:


  • Is the casino reputable?
  • What bonus offers are there?
  • How high are the casino's winning rates?
  • Is the casino safe?
  • Are there limits available?


Bonus offers


In order to decide which no-limit casino is right for you, one thing you can't forget is the bonus offers! Here, of course, it also depends a bit on your personal taste. Moreover, even at limit-free casinos, the bonuses unfortunately do not go up without limits - it would be nice. Nevertheless, we can tell you how to dust off the best bonus offers: Often, gaming portals give new players a welcome bonus along the way. Registering at a casino that does not give out any welcome gifts is usually not worth it at all.Many gaming portals also score points with regular promotions, deposit bonuses and VIP programs that are intended to reward particularly loyal customers. However, it is important that the following applies to all bonus offers: Do not just look at the number! The maximum amount or the percentage that is mentioned are not the only things that ultimately determine how high your bonus will be. The turnover conditions are also important, which you can usually find in the fine print - often the bonuses, as good as they sound, are limited by certain restrictions even at casinos without limits.


What exactly is a betting limit?


The betting limit determines the amount of real money you are allowed to bet per spin when playing. In slots, for example, this applies to each individual spin. The new gambling law stipulates that only a maximum of 1 euro may be wagered per round or spin. The reason given for this new regulation is primarily player protection. Thus, the betting limit is intended to prevent players from betting large amounts of money at once and possibly losing it. Also, many players have the habit of clicking many spins in a row without pausing, sometimes even using the auto-spin feature. If one has set a high betting limit per spin, the losses can accumulate very quickly in the worst case. However, many players feel unnecessarily restricted by this rule, especially high rollers are affected. For this reason, many customers look around for online casinos without limit, where they can play as they please.The rule on the minimum bet per round has not changed. As before, this amount varies from provider to provider, often there is, for example, a minimum bet of 10 cents.


Minimum deposit


It should also be remembered that at casinos without a deposit limit, a very specific limit does always exist and that is the minimum deposit. Most of the time, you need to get to a certain minimum amount if you want to make a deposit. Often, it is between five and ten euros.So, in fact, there are some places where the restrictions or the absence of them can affect the deposit and withdrawal process. You should be aware of these in order to be able to continue to handle your own money responsibly and safely and to rake in the highest possible profits!


Are no-limit casinos right for me?


Playing at casino without 1$ limit or online casino without deposit limit definitely carries greater risks compared to casinos with wagering, time and deposit limits. Our experts agree that the most important requirement is to ensure responsible gaming behavior and that players are in control. Ultimately, the measures has opted for are exactly that: a control of the player and his gaming behavior.If the player is capable of regulating himself, such restrictions from the outside are not necessary and the disadvantages outweigh them. For this reason, as passionate gamblers, we are very happy that there are alternative casinos without the new rules. However, if players are not capable of setting limits for themselves and sticking to them, it is better to play at online casinos that will do it for you.The target group that is most affected by the new rules are the high rollers. This style of play is actually not particularly well supported by the updated restrictions. However, there is also the fact that high rollers are naturally subject to higher risk anyway, as high stakes can also lead to high losses. Gaming portals without limits further increase the risk potential, which is why the decision of which type of online casino to choose should always be made wisely.There are some key questions you can ask yourself when thinking about playing at a casino without limits:


  • Do I know my own limits? Can I stick to them?
  • What is my financial situation? Can I handle any large losses?
  • Am I able to handle large sums of money?
  • How do my previous gambling experiences with smaller amounts look like?
  • Am I in a healthy mental situation where I can handle losses?




With the help of these guiding questions, you can make an informed decision about which online casino is right for you. In any case, we are glad that the possibility exists to bypass the sometimes quite annoying restrictions. After all, most of them are unfortunately not particularly player-friendly. In this article, we have introduced you to how no-limit gaming platforms work and how you can find reputable providers - now only one thing remains: have fun playing!


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