The Legendary CS:GO AWP — Dragon Lore

CS:GO is a popular multiplayer action shooter game. Announced back in 2011, the project did not inspire confidence, and fans of the genre were skeptical about it. The opinion changed on 21 August 2012, when the last game from the Counter-Strike line was officially released. 

However, many serious gamers are really fond of the legendary AWP Dragon Lore. It has a significant risk and extremely big reward: the infamous AWP is identified by its signature report, one-shot and one-kill policy. It is specially painted with a knotwork dragon.


The History of AWP Dragon Lore

AWP Dragon Lore was added to the game as part of the Cobblestone case on 1 July 2014. It is estimated that the chance of getting an AWP Dragon Lore is only 0.0004%. And it is possible to get it through chest drops and only during major tournaments taking place on the Cobblestone map. On top of that, Tale of the Dragon is a “present” skin. 

For major viewers, the chance to replenish their inventory with this coloring does not exceed 1–2%. It’s even tough to immediately name any other skin, the probability of which would be so negligible. Thus, it is the Dragon Tale coloring page that is one of the most elusive and rare in the entire game item circulation history.


The Main Features of Prices in Terms of AWP Dragon Lore

Dragon Lore is a skin for the British AWP sniper rifle in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In turn, AWP has many price characteristics, which illustrate its importance throughout all games:

  • having a price scale varying between $2,692.69 and $297,836.37, the AWP | Dragon Lore is a significantly expensive skin;

  • however, it's nowadays widely spread through gamers and can be bought on multiple different markets;

  • the AWP Dragon Lore price is influenced by the same factors as any other CS:GO skin in the Steam Marketplace — rarity and quality.

The Dragon Lore, being one of the rarest and finest looking AWP skins in the entire game, checks both the boxes. But the mechanics of handling the AWP in CS:GO have been heavily modified. 


The Principal External Characteristics

Skin Dragon Lore is one of a wide range of skins for AWP in CS:GO. Look closer to the picture on the case and you can see that flames burst out of the mouth of the mythical dragon. It is beige, orange, yellow and olive colored. An extremely successful combination of these shades gives the skin originality. Moreover, the body of the dragon is decorated with Celtic ornaments. However, for traders, coloring page design is not the main factor. 


Purchasing AWP Dragon Lore

If you are seriously considering buying an AWP Dragon Lore, then there are several options. Option one: Steam Community Market. The Steam Market is a serious marketplace owned by the developer of the shooter, Valve Corporation, where utilizers can sell not only CS:GO skins, but also in-game goods related to other of the organization’s products. 

The second way is proven trading platforms. By surfing the internet, it is possible to find much lower starting prices for a new Dragon (about $2,000). The price is affected by the sticker that will be applied to the coloring for trade. 



The given skin really is “legendary” as it provides a multi-specialized opportunity to become a leader in this game. Although it is highly priced, many professional gamers think it is worth it.

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