5 Reasons to Factor Online Casinos Into PC Gaming

PC gaming has caught on in a big way over the years, to the point that many prefer it to console alternatives. Even with this being the case though, we often look at PC gaming in a fairly limited, incomplete way. We only consider a certain type of game that essentially mirrors the console experience, rather than the full breadth of what one can enjoy on the PC.

This makes sense because the best PC titles do tend to have console counterparts, and represent some of the best experiences you can enjoy in any medium. The Final Fantasy franchise, for instance, has 95 different games as of 2022 — one of the newest releases being an RPG which presents the story using cards. The franchise has released games on different consoles such as the PC, PSP, and Nintendo Switch. Once again though, there’s more to the broader concept of PC gaming than computer versions of console games. And one significant category that is too often ignored is that of online casino games.

Here, we’ll make the case that there are some reasons for PC gamers to give this category a closer look.

1. Slots Feel Like Arcade Games

One reason casino sites have stuck around, and even grown, is that slot machines — the sites’ bread and butter — have evolved considerably. Today, online slots play out more like arcade games than direct adaptations of casino entertainment. They have characters, thematic backdrops, cinematic introductions, mini-games, and animations, all of which make the underlying slot gameplay a lot more engaging. The best titles in this category are every bit as impressive as some of the arcade-style games people commonly play on browsers or download for their PCs.

2. Slingo is a Whole New Experience

“Slingo” is not actually a new invention, but it is certainly a type of casino game that has gained new relevance online, and is on the rise now. As you may guess, the game combines online bingo — a popular casino game in its own right — with certain features from slot games. The newest games in this category are showcased on Gala Spins’ Slingo section, and make it clear that the more advanced evolutions of slot machines carry over to this category as well. Titles like Lobstermania and Lightning look very much like popular slots, and the exclusive Slingo Starburst is specifically adapted from one of the most popular slots on the internet. Basically, this is a whole new way to enjoy slot gaming, albeit with the same features (and in some cases specific titles) that have revived the slot genre.

3. There Might Soon Be Actual Arcade Games

Some years ago now, major casinos had the idea of swapping traditional slots for arcade-like video games to attract younger generations of gamers. It’s not something we’ve seen a whole lot of since, but Fox 5's article on Vegas gaming discusses how the pandemic has pushed the progress. This is because, with older, more vulnerable people having to stay home, casinos are turning to the younger crowd to keep their businesses afloat. Once this trend spreads among more live casinos, it’s likely that online platforms would be close behind — which is to say there’s likely more innovation to look forward to in this category.

4. Casino Gaming is Easy on the Go

One more general point to consider is that casino gaming is also easier than some PC alternatives to enjoy on the go. If you’re opening up a laptop to play games on a train or plane ride, for instance, it’s not always easy to get into a console-style game in which it can be hard to find a stopping point, and this can drain the battery quickly. Casino games, on the other hand, are easy to start and stop and are far less demanding on a gaming laptop's power. This alone makes them valuable factors in PC gaming.

5. Poker is About to Be Trendy Again

Finally, don’t forget that poker is also part of the online casino world — and is about to become trendy again. That isn’t to say it hasn’t been popular; poker still commands a great deal of activity and enthusiasm all around the world. But one side effect of the pandemic and ensuing isolation in 2020 was that huge numbers of people who ordinarily play in live casinos migrated to internet alternatives. Online poker activity soared, and early indications are that it’s remaining high even as the pandemic conditions change. We’re in the midst of a fresh poker boom, in short, which only heightens the appeal of online casinos.

Given these reasons, it’s about time we start including online casinos as part of the broader PC gaming world.

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