The New World Game Pros and Cons

Almost every MMORPG has its unique twist on popular genre elements. Some of these games feature classes, while others have skill trees that are broad. One of the genre's fan favourites is accumulating a variety of distinctive rideable mounts, which not only serve as a quicker method of transportation but also allow the owner to show off to friends and strangers. New World, an Amazon Games MMORPG, will not feature rideable horses, which is one example of New World making daring moves that distinguish it from its immediate competition.

As usual, before getting deep into casino games, gamers often review both the positives and the negatives aspects and check out the different bonuses and odds. The arrival of New World came with high expectations, and the hype that continues to go with it means there will be more reviews from top gaming enthusiasts. 

However, the same may be said for gamers who are hesitant to attempt World of Warcraft since it is a subscription-based game rather than a one-time purchase like New World. A variety of significant design decisions might pique players' attention, depending on their previous level of interest. It is up to the player to decide which choices he or she enjoys and which he or she does not. New World's absence of rideable mounts is an example of a divisive decision.


New World Pros

As you progress, your character becomes stronger, crafts better, and acquires more items in classic MMO fashion. You begin by scraping down the beach for flint and feathers to use as arrowheads. After 40 hours, you'll be back in your hometown, attempting to figure out which bookcase you want for your Cutlass Keys home.

MMOs have gone out of favor in recent years, despite the massive success of Final Fantasy 14 and the ardent followers clinging to the dying World Of Warcraft. Because the genre is so unpopular, creating a brand new live MMO (massively multiplayer online) game in 2021 feels like a waste of time. Even so, New World, Amazon's first released game (assuming you exclude the released, unreleased, delayed, and eventually cancelled Crucible), does a decent job.

The idea of being among the first inhabitants on the mythical new world of Aeternum is a significant selling feature for New World. Players must explore and map Aeternum's fourteen harsh areas. Furthermore, players are stranded on the island as the narrative of New World begins. As a result, any animals on board the ship that may have been used as mounts are unlikely to have survived. As a result, because Aeternum's animals are not tamed, it seems reasonable that there would be no mounts. Without horses, players may immerse themselves in Aeternum's deeper worldbuilding; this isn't home, and it shouldn't feel like it.

Unlike previous games in the genre, which may begin with the player in a well-defined metropolis, New World immediately plunges the player into the action. The game aspires to be an immersive action-oriented MMORPG, as seen by the lack of typical lock-on aiming. PvP, as well as PvE, is a big part of the game, and allowing players the opportunity to use mounts to flee the prospect of combat doesn't seem to mesh with New World's concept of Aeternum.

New World Cons

There is a point where realism and immersion become tedium for many gamers. While this decision with horses appears to help sell the story of New World, running everywhere after completely exploring Aeternum may get tedious. In MMORPGs, horses have traditionally served as a bridge between walking and fast travel. Players who travel quickly may lose out on global events and mobs that will help them level up their characters. Mounts allow players to move at a reasonable pace while still allowing them to participate in events and combat.

The biggest disadvantage of not having horses in New World is that it limits the player's options when it doesn't have to. Those in the fandom who enjoy feeling immersed and shipwrecked would be able to do so even if they did not engage with horses. Those who desire the convenience of mounts because they just have an hour to play and don't want to waste it all running are now compelled to play in a specific style. Aside from the possibility of additional technical problems for New World, there's no reason why the choice shouldn't be available.

It remains to be seen whether New World alters its mind on mounting after the formal launch or keeps to its guns. With the announcement that New World would include an in-game store for cosmetics and modest time-savers, it seems logical to assume that mounts will ultimately join that market. The tale and history of the Sudden World may simply be modified, and story writers can concoct a variety of plot-based situations to explain the new existence of mounts. Some MMORPG enthusiasts, on the other hand, may like the absence of horses since it forces the player to learn their way around the world of Aeternum.

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