What Are the Most Popular Video Games in Online Casinos?

There are thousands of video games in online casinos to choose from nowadays, but which ones are widely considered the enduring classics of iGaming? Find out.

There is no better way to pass the time than playing video games. Now with technological advancements, gaming is more fun than ever before. From the hyper-realistic 3D graphics to the atmospheric sound design, the experience is so much more immersive and exciting, it’s becoming difficult to tear ourselves away from our screens. There are all kinds of different video games available, but today we’re going to focus specifically on the ones for online casinos.

Also known as iGaming, this industry has exponentially grown in recent years. Now there are hundreds of thousands of video games that have been created specifically for iGaming. Though it’s great having so many on the market, we’re too spoilt for choice. So, let’s look at some of the best and most popular video games in online casinos to help narrow things down. Keep reading to see if you can spot your favorites on our list and discover a new great game for yourself.


1.) Starburst

If you haven’t heard of the Starburst slot machine by NetEnt, then where have you been the past couple of years? This video game is a common feature of every online casino nowadays because it’s so universally adored by players. There is no-frills to this slot machine, just relatively straightforward gameplay where you spin the reels and hope for the best. Having said that, maybe the fact that Starburst is so understated is the reason behind its success. It recognizes the classic slot formula is what has made these types of video games so appealing for several decades and respects tradition. We also think Starburst’s popularity comes down to the fact it offers a good return to the player (96.01% to be exact) and has a top prize, which is 50,000 times what the person originally wagered. There are hardly any other video games out there that offer this kind of reward. Of course, it’s highly unlikely you would ever win this gargantuan payout of money, but the prospect is tantalizing enough for some players to return to Starburst time and time again.


2.) Thunderstruck II

The sequel to one of the most popular online games of all time, Thunderstruck II by Microgaming has also become a favorite among slot casino fans. Based on the Norse mythology of the ancient god of thunder and lightning, this video game is all about landing Thor’s legendary hammer, Mjölnir, on the reels. This allows players to progress into a bonus round with four different levels, which offer special rewards. And let’s not forget about the Wildstorm wild symbol. If you manage to land 5 of these on your reels at one time, you can win the slot machine’s maximum payout of 7000 times what you originally wagered. Gamers initially thought that Thunderstruck II wouldn’t live up to its predecessor’s good name, but they needn’t have worried. In fact, we believe this video game is even better than the original, doing the Thunderstruck franchise justice and keeping the legend of Thor alive.


3.) Cleopatra

Moving on from Norse mythology to the Ancient Egyptians, we have the Cleopatra online slot by software developer IGT. The video game was first released in 2005 and has been an enduring classic in the iGaming industry, having successfully channeled the magic of Ancient Egypt into a slot machine. Its graphics are beautifully detailed and distinctive with scarab beetles and pharaohs abound. The fruitful rewards that Cleopatra offers to players who she deems worthy of her favour make this video game a must-play. For example, if you manage to land 5 Cleopatra symbols on your reels, you can win a payout with a 10,000 multiplier. What’s more, you can enjoy playing this fantastic slot machine whenever and wherever you go with websites like MobileCasinoParty, which direct you towards all the best mobile online casinos that are compatible with your smartphone. What treasures will you uncover within the depths of the Ancient Egyptian pyramids?


4.) Gonzo’s Quest

For those who want to immerse themselves in an adventure when they’re playing, then Gonzo’s Quest slot machine is the way to go. Like Starburst, this online video slot game was developed by NetEnt, the leading global supplier of iGaming software. However, Gonzo’s Quest actually came before Starburst, being the very first game of NetEnt’s to reach platinum status after its release in 2011. The video game follows Gonzo the Conquistador after he disembarks from his galleon, just off the Peruvian coast. He begins his journey through the rainforest in search of Eldorado, the ancient city of gold that is said to be lost. The Gonzo’s Quest slot machine owes its success down to its flawless execution. There are no bonus games in this online slot – just avalanche reels and free falls feature, all rendered in brilliant 3D graphics. You can easily lose yourself in the dangerous and delightful world of Gonzo, the Conquistador. What’s even more exciting about this slot machine is that in 2018, NetEnt announced they planned on releasing a virtual reality version of the game, so you can look around 360 degrees whilst playing. Cool, right?


5.) Age of the Gods

Last but not least, we have Age of the Gods. This video game was developed by iGaming software provider Playtech and drew heavily from Greek Mythology on the Ancient Gods. We have everybody from Poseidon and Zeus to Athena and Aphrodite. By earning their blessing, players might even be granted the max win of the game, which is 10,000 times what they originally wagered. With its enthralling theme and lucrative payouts, it’s no wonder that the Age of the Gods online slot has become such a hit among gamers. We’re big fans of the free spins feature, too. As a result of this slot machine’s popularity, Age of the Gods has been made into a series with 10 different games to its name.

These are our top picks for the most popular video games in online casinos today. Did your favorites make our list?


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