5 Hacks For GTA V You Probably Did Not Know About

GTA V is by far one of the most popular games today. Its online version has plenty of missions and add-ons that will give players the opportunity to build their criminal empire from scratch. But did you know that there are five hacks that you can use to your advantage?

In this guide, you’ll learn these GTA V hacks. Some of them may not even know about. This game allows you to earn as much money as possible so you can buy cars, high-rise penthouses, weapons, and so much more.

After all, it is Grand Theft Auto -- so what more can you expect. Some of these hacks may serve you in the long run (especially when you are in multi-player mode). Plus, you’ll be able to use these without any kind of cheats or mods.

One of the best places to check out when playing online is the casino, where you can use the GTA Online Gambling Guide to win big. Now, let’s take a look at the hacks that you can try out the next time you play online:

1. Do some gambling

As mentioned, you can gamble at the casino on GTA Online. You can play games like video poker, blackjack, and plenty of other games. There is also a spinning wheel where you can play plenty for plenty of prizes including a new car.

Here are some strategies to consider when playing certain casino games:

  • Blackjack: In blackjack, the rules apply. 21 to win (or if you are higher than the dealer without going over 21). However, you can use a blackjack cheat sheet that may work to your advantage if you want the best results. Be careful, not every good outcome is guaranteed. The good news is there are no real pit bosses that are watching you from the other end to see if you are “cheating” or not.
  • Roulette: Roulette runs from 1 to 35. But if you want to increase your odds, you may want to place your bets outside of the wheel. So you’d be better off betting on black, red, even, or odd. When the wheel spins, it’s anyone’s guess as to where it will stop.
  • Three card poker: If you are looking for another card game that will help your odds, three card poker is where you want to do some damage. As that old song goes, you got to “know when to hold and know when to fold”. If you have a hand that is weaker than a queen, six, and a four, then you’re better off folding on that hand and hold out for something stronger. A pair plus bets would be something to gun for most of the time.

2. “Money Farming”

Did you know that there is a glitch that will net you $50,000 a day on GTA online? Well, now that you know, here’s how to use it. You’ll need to go to a blackjack table that will allow you to make a $50k bet (Note: you may not access these tables if you don’t own a penthouse suite on the casino grounds).

Beat the dealer on the first turn and you can be able to snag at least 200,000 chips within minutes. After beating the dealer, leave the table so the game force saves and repeat the process until satisfied. Keep in mind that Rockstar may ban your account if you get caught exploiting this glitch. Plus, there is no guarantee that you may encounter the glitch itself since there may have been an update that patched it up.

3. “Ms. Baker” Missions

You can earn some extra cash during the “Ms. Baker” missions. The object here is to perform missions such as catch thieves, perform deliveries, and so on. Each mission successfully completed will yield you $10 in chips. It might be more or less depending on the job itself.

4. Know where the playing cards are

Want to earn money for the casino legitimately? Find 54 playing cards scattered all throughout San Andreas. You earn $100 (GTA Money) for every five cards that you collect.

After collecting them all, you can net a total of $66,500. And you’ll have all that money to spend at the casino. You can also look for locations on the map and mark them so you know where they are.

Also, there are plenty of YouTube videos that will give you the exact locations. If you have a copy of the GTA V map handy, you’d be smart to mark those places so you don’t spend too much time.

5. Lucky Wheel “Hack”

Lastly, the Lucky Wheel has a hack that you can use for for multiple spins. This will require you to disconnect from the server after you spin the wheel. Keep in mind that the prize you may have won will likely not be retained. But it will at least give you a good idea to spin it again and again so you can possibly net a higher amount of cash.


Final Thoughts

There are some GTA V hacks that you didn’t know about that are actually legit. However, some of them may result in getting your account banned. Rockstar does not take it lightly when users are cheating on their servers. This has long been a problem even today despite all the patches and even the legal action against hackers.

If you are a GTA V online multiplayer, it’s important to find hacks that are legal (not to be confused with glitch exploitation or hacking using mods). You can be able to go on cool side missions and dare to risk it all at the blackjack table all in the name of scoring more money. If you are getting tired of purchasing those Shark Cards constantly, then it’s important to use the five hacks above to your advantage.

Once you’ve racked up all kinds of chips, cash in for some money and you can spend it on a nice penthouse up above.

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