Current State and Future of Online Video Game Industry in the Netherlands

Online gaming in the Netherlands is a massive industry that’s also considered one of the fastest-growing industries in the entire world. What’s more, the market is highly respected and very active to boot. Dutch players love to play games online and they don’t hide it.

Besides the fact that this activity hasn’t ceased, the market keeps on adding new players as well. More and more Dutch gamers are being welcomed into the fold and turning toward online video games. People in the country play both casual and serious games online and they also gamble. Players from the Netherlands mostly play video slots and blackjack on a wide variety of sites, including and many others.

This increased number of gamers has resulted in an increased number of people employed in the industry. What’s interesting here is that the number of these employees has more than doubled in the last five years, which clearly shows demand for online games and the need for server and game upkeep.

Even though the market is largely dominated by foreign companies, Dutch games are not sparse, and nor are companies that produce games in the Netherlands. According to Statista, the revenues from the gaming industry in the Netherlands has been rising fast in the past few years and is expected to rise significantly in the future.

In the past few years, Dutch companies have created a couple of very popular video games, like the first-person shooters Verdun and Arizona Sunshine, or the side-scrolling racing game SpeedRunners.

Online gaming platforms native to the country are also doing quite well. The largest online games platform in the Netherlands is Spil Games and it boasts more than 130 million visitors every month.

Spil Games is not the only Dutch company, the Netherlands also has one of the leaders in casual games in Europe — Zylom. What’s more, the country has one of the most innovative European video games companies — Ranj. The people from Ranj focus mostly on serious games and they have won several awards for their creations.

Naturally, we also have to mention the company that has made a name for itself in the entire world, even though it doesn’t produce online video games, but only single-player ones. We are talking about Guerilla Games, the developer behind the massively successful Killzone franchise and their latest gem — Horizon Zero Dawn.

Even without this single-player juggernaut, this online video games industry from the Netherlands is the third-largest in Europe, owning more than 12% of the entire western Europe online games market, which clearly shows it’s strength.

With all of these companies, games, and most importantly, the people behind them, we can safely say that the current state of the online gaming industry in the Netherlands is extremely well. What’s more, we can expect more developments in the future, and numerous Dutch players can hope for more great games to play on their desired devices. 

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