10 Online Gaming Innovations to Look Forward to


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Video games have definitely come a long way since they became mainstream in the ’80s. Since the introduction of online play with the Atari Jaguar, and later with the Sega Dreamcast, we have seen multiple innovations since connecting online with an Ethernet cable. As long as you have wireless internet, you’ll be able to play with your friends and family from anywhere. Even with all the strides we have made in online gaming, there’s still more to come.


Cloud Gaming:


Downloading something to the cloud means putting it on the internet to help with storage capacity. In the future, there will be no need for gaming consoles that take physical copies of games, or even the need to expand storage. Everything will be played from the cloud. Your library of games could be endless and easily streamed to your screen from the internet.

Mobile Gaming:


With the advent of smartphones, gaming has been taken out of the living room and into your pocket. Unlike the Gameboy pocket, though, you can play online with people all over the world. Ultimately, mobile gaming has helped the average consumer become aware of online gameplay. You can even play casino slots and poker on the go now, with mobile friendly sites such as Casumo who offer these games.

Blockchain in Gaming:


Blockchain is an all-in-one cryptocurrency website that stores all online currency, like Bitcoin, in one wallet. With online marketplaces like Steam, your games will disappear if the site were to disband. Members of the gaming community could benefit from this new innovation, as this means you’ll have true ownership of your online games.

Virtual Reality:


Being “inside the games” you’re playing has become more and more attractive as the technology becomes more advanced. It’s obvious that this will be the future of gaming. There are already online games attached to virtual reality, but the games are mostly lacking lustre. Soon, you’ll be able to jump into a virtual world in MMOs and online shoot em ups.

Augmented Reality:


You’ve probably heard of Pokemon Go, aka the most successful mobile game of all time. Since Niantic made millions off of their product, multiple companies have tried their hand at augmented reality. In the future, the gap between real life and virtual reality will likely be so small you’ll feel like you’re actually playing real life.

Facial and Voice Recognition:


Once facial and voice recognition becomes as close to perfect as possible you won’t just be an avatar in the game, YOU’LL actually be in it. The RealSense 3D camera could allow developers to create games with characters that react to emotions by scanning 78 different points on the person's face. So, if you grimace while in the game, the system will respond by lowering the game difficulty.

Wearable Gaming:


Imagine putting on a pair of glasses and playing an online game. The Fitbit is already a primitive version of what’s to come, and that piece of technology can already connect to the internet to share with your friends. Wearables will be an extension of your body instead of an invasive chunky piece of equipment.

On-Demand Gaming:


This is technically already accessible but in its primitive stages. PlayStation Now, for example, lets you play a large variety of games for a small fee. It’s likely that in the future this will be available on all consoles and computers. It will essentially be a gaming Netflix. You could also use the on-demand service as a live-streaming device so others can watch you play.

High-Def Streaming:


There have already been considerable strides in streaming, but eventually, everyone will be able to stream in Ultra 4k through televisions with 4K capabilities. Although the technology is new, it will eventually become cheap enough for everyone to own and will become standard.

Gesture Control:


RealSense technology lets you use your hand to control groups of Ancient Greek soldiers in Warrior Wave, and the technology is only going to get better from there. Imagine playing a game with your hand, some glasses and a few sensors and then sitting on your couch to play an online game. 3D cameras that track your movements will be able to do just that.


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