10 of the Most Anticipated Casino Games of 2020

This year has been a great joyride for gamers. From online casino gaming to Far Cry: New Dawn, there has quite literally been a release for every gaming preference. If you don’t want to miss out on the hottest casino gaming trends for next year, register at this online casino. Alternatively hold out for one of the following gaming releases, there have been massive expectations for these 10 coming out in 2020.

Death Stranding

Thanks to the latest gaming software, image quality in 2020 would have vastly progressed, and looking at the highlights of Death Stranding proves this to be true. Each time a little snippet of information is released to the public, it becomes more mysterious and has gotten to the point where we cannot wait for this Hideo Kojima creation to hit the open market.

Beyond Good and Evil

Not to be outdone with graphics and intense gaming effects, Beyond Good and Evil has been around for some time, however this new release is said to win over those who were ho-hum on the first release. On one hand, of course they'd say that. On the other, who the hell wasn't impressed by the original?

Gridiron Champions 2020

If you are into sports you will be blown away by the intensity of this hotly anticipated football game. Developed by IMackulate Visions Gaming, release rumors be true, this will be ideal for college football fans as they will finally have a game dedicated to their sport.

Dual Universe

Rumored to be released in late 2020, Dual Universe is said to be the next big online multiplayer game aimed specifically at sci-fi enthusiasts.


Ubisoft, one of the leading gaming developers in the industry, has had a knack for keeping gamers on their toes in hopes of a new release. This is rumored to be going into production and knowing Ubisoft’s creations, it could really be something special. That is, if anyone remembers Avatar in the first place. Hello? Anyone...?

The Elder Scrolls VI TBD

Bethesda will, in all likelihood, be looking to release the game after 2020, if the rampant rumors hold any weight. This would mean that a new game, featuring graphics and features not even available right now would be packed into this ridiculously anticipated game.

Dragon Age 4

Another game people are clamoring for with no release yet, is Dragon Age 4. Although with this game, we know it's happening for certain, we just want to see more footage and some official word! 

Diablo 4

In addition to being one of the most successful games pretty much ever, Diablo has been one of the most talked about gaming releases anticipated for the future. There has been some promotional footage, and a gorgeous cinematic trailer, and basically, the fans cannot wait!


Everyone knows that a new Halo is being released - the only question is when? There are rumors that the game could be available by the end of 2020, but whether or not that is true, remains to be seen.


This game is rumored to be released when the next gaming console is dropped, but much like the new Halo, time will tell if that is true or not.

Photo by Benoit Dare on Unsplash

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