CES Reveals the Most Anticipated Gaming Tech Gadgets

CES is one of the biggest events for gamers as they know a whole new world of gaming is about to be unveiled. The beginning of 2019 held the attention of mesmerized consumers and the various revelations appealed to a wide variety of gamers. Now, as we enter the middle of 2019, some of the tech gadgets have been launched while others are still in production. Below is some of the most anticipated gaming tech gadgets to have ever been revealed at the CES.

LG Signature OLED TV

One of the most talked about tech electronics was the LG Signature OLED TV, an ideal addition for any console gamer. This 65 inch smart TV projects stunning, crystal clear graphics displays and connects to the HDMI port on your laptop for online gaming as well as consoles. Just imagine what a game using Bet365 bonus code would look like on a screen designed for gaming!

Jabra Noise Cancelling Headphones

Jabra entered the category of best headphones by unveiling prototype headphones designed to cancel out any noise regardless of the environment you are in. The headphones would make a welcome addition to any gamers' collection of tech goods, especially since they offer 30 hours of battery life and automatically adjust the sound capacity to the environment you are in.


VR tech has also been among some of the most talked about tech unveiled at the CES. The virtual reality tech has been exquisitely designed with a sleek look that matches its ability to promote unparalleled VR graphics. The headset offers a flip up feature which allows users to view the real world without having to remove the entire headset.

Alienware Area 51m Gaming Laptop

One of the monster machines entering the gaming realm is the Alienware Area 51m which has been described as a powerful desktop disguised as a laptop. One of the interesting features is that the laptop has been designed so that users are able to switch out its hard drive, CPU, RAM and battery easily for simple augmentation of this already powerful beast.

This laptop ranks amongst the fastest laptops available in the world.

Samsung Micro LED Wall TV

As the name suggests, the Samsung wall TV has been designed to impress and does so with 219-inches, a massive display of modern technology.

Razer Turret

The Razer Turret is a mouse and keyboard pair designed to work together to help Xbox One users forgo what some call old, outdated gaming controllers and enjoy the convenience of modern gaming. While it hasn’t yet been approved for production, it's said to have more than captured the attention of the gaming world and there is a lot of interest from the gaming community as a whole.

Although there are a number of attractive gaming tech gadgets yet to be released, the gaming community is confident that the tech used for gaming is being developed to promote more convenient (and not to mention more attractive) gaming. Besides, gamers do love comparing and showing off their toys, so the prettier the better!

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