The Best Food to Fuel You Through a Gaming Marathon

Whether you're strapping in for a WoW marathon, planning to exponentially up your standing in Skyrim, or just hoping to blast your way through a brutal campaign in a sitting (personally, I've been getting murdered all over again on the toughest difficulty on Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus), you can't do it on an empty stomach. Every once in a while, things in life line up perfectly to allow us to sit for hours, or even the highly sought after day-long marathon, letting us really dig in and rack up some serious levels/ kills streaks/ Simoleons. In these glorious times it's important to focus; there are bosses to annihilate, and you can't be running out for groceries! Much like making sure you have the right load-out, you have to make sure your fridge is well-stocked and you've got enough of the right foods to see you through. No, I'm not talking about smoothies and yogurt cups- I'm talking about delicious foods you can crush during an extended cutscene, wipe your hands, set your plate down and get right back to it. We dine on deliciousness... our enemies dine in hell!

With this spirit in mind, here's a round-up of the most gamer-friendly dishes for that ultimate gaming marathon.


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Sometimes the classics are the best. Tasty, quick and easy, stocking up or ordering in a mountain of fried golden goodness is the perfect option when you're feeling the hunger pangs but need to keep one hand on the controller. You can keep it minimalist with some salt and pepper, or if you're feeling more adventurous, you can take it up a notch and go all out on some loaded fries; I'm talking chili, onions, cheese, sour cream, you name it, you can dump it on fries and it will be delicious. Once you're done checking Deliveroo for some inspiration, make your order, reload your machine gun, and see how many kills you can get before the those double-topped chili cheese fries arrive. 


A winner for the same reason as the fries, pizza is low-maintenance, diverse and easy to eat without breaking your CoD kill streak. Not to mention that pizza is consistently delicious. Of course, you can also mix and match the two and opt for the holy grail of mouth-watering junk food, pizza fries! A great, low-effort option to have at home or to order in, a hot pizza is on the menu for hardcore gamers all over the world. 

Hot Pockets

It would be a crime to talk about gamer grub without mentioning this mainstay. A cliche for a reason, hot pockets have been around since the invention of the Sega Mega Drive. This microwaved pocket of gooey hot perfection has long been a fixture among the U.S. gaming crowd, and you'll still see them adorning game stations at televised events. You can now choose from different kinds and brands of hot pockets pretty much anywhere in the world - just don't commit the rookie mistake of biting into one fresh out the microwave! Pro-Tip: Cut the hot pocket in half, and release that volcanic steam when you pull it out of the micro, then prop the two halves together, open side up, like a tent. This will keep the portability intact, while lowering your risk of a second degree burn on the roof of your mouth.


For the sake of public health and to mix it up a little bit from the relatively vanilla items featured so far, let's take a moment to appreciate sushi. As well as being a protein-heavy, fresh and easy-to-eat option for the health-conscious gamer, you can also order in gargantuan amounts of these bite-sized Japanese staples on a platter, so that you can make sure you have plenty of fish to get you through even the most grueling gaming marathon. 


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Bringing it back to the old-school classics to finish off our list, a steaming cup of ramen is about as reliable as it gets, and the premier fuel of choice for gamers the world over. All you need is a kettle and you're good to go, although here is a pro-tip; fill the cup, then strain the water, which will get rid of that starchy taste. Toss in some sriracha, cilantro, raw jalepeno, pepper... suddenly, you're eating gourmet!

If there are any foods that you can't get through a marathon gaming session without, comment below to let us know!

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