EA Sports UFC 3

05.04.2018 00:32:32
Meet the criteria for the following achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

UFC 1: The Beginning (25 points): Complete the UFC 3 Introduction.

UFC 80: Rapid Fire (20 points): Land a four-hit combination. (online multiplayer only)

UFC 35: Throwdown (20 points): Finish the fight with a submission. (online multiplayer only)

UFC 101: Declaration (30 points): Trigger a health event on the opponent within 10 seconds of your taunt. (online multiplayer only)

UFC 46: Supernatural (30 points): Sway to avoid at least 6 strikes in 20 seconds. (online multiplayer only)

UFC 99: The Comeback (50 points): Survive at least two health events before winning the fight. (online multiplayer only)

UFC 56: Full Force (30 points): Win in the first round of an online multiplayer match.

UFC 64: Unstoppable (30 points): Complete all your daily objectives in UFC Ultimate Team in one day.

UFC 31: Locked and Loaded (30 points): Every slot on one of your UFC Ultimate Team fighters is filled.

UFC 73: Stacked (20 points): Acquire your first Gold tier UFC Ultimate Team Item.

UFC 87: Seek and Destroy (45 points): Complete all Challenges in a UFC Ultimate Team Solo Challenge Group.

UFC 39: The Warriors Return (45 points): Complete all Sets in a single UFC Ultimate Team Program.

UFC 68: The Uprising (20 points): Earn your yellow belt in UFC Ultimate Team. (level 50)

UFC 45: Revolution (30 points): Earn your orange belt in UFC Ultimate Team. (level 100)

UFC 109: Relentless (50 points): Earn your green belt in UFC Ultimate Team. (level 150)

UFC 2: No Way Out (30 points): Win against a CPU controlled fighter who is set to maximum damage, with your own set to default.

UFC 10: The Tournament (30 points): Win four fights with the same fighter in a 16-fighter tournament.

UFC 65: Bad Intentions (30 points): Pass all Skill Challenges on any difficulty.

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